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Lose 10KGs in 12 Weeks without dieting, cardio or giving up your social life

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We get it. We've been there too.

You're Stuck? Nothing Seems To Work?


You gain the weight back every time.


You struggle to find the time or energy.


You don't want to sacrifice your social life


You don't know where you would even start.

You're exactly like the hundreds of clients we've helped to become the fittest, healthiest and most energetic versions of themselves.

Here's How It Works

Permanent results require a permanent solution. Not just a 12-week diet or exercise regime. Here's how we help you achieve results that last a lifetime:


Develop habits you enjoy

Losing weight isn't about eating rabbit food or sweating in the gym. It's about creating a lifestyle you love and can maintain.


Learn lifelong skills

Weight loss isn't about staying on track for 12 weeks. It's about learning skills that help you bounce back when life inevitably gets tough.


Get Expert Support

Getting fit isn't about effort. It's about consistency. Our team of expert coaches gives you the accountability & support you need to stay on track, no matter what.

In 2015, I couldn't even tie my shoelaces. And I didn't see how I could ever change it around.

Get Coached By Someone Who Has Been Where You Are

As a new dad who struggled to lose weight in a high-pressured career, I understand life's demands.

At 35 I was at my heaviest ever. And as a new dad in a high-pressure job, I just didn't know what to do. I just didn't have time or energy to get fit. I was lost and worried I wouldn't see my newborn son grow up.

That's when I realised motivation wasn't the issue. And I discovered what we now call The Non-Diet Life, where it's our mission to help people like you do the same.

Since then I became a nutritionist & health coach, resigned at the height of my 20-year career and founded The Non-Diet Life.

Our team has since helped 100s of people in high-pressure careers achieve exactly the same results. To lose weight, get fit and feel energetic without dieting. And live a life they love.

Check out their stories below.

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Here Are Some Of Our Past Clients' Results

No Dieting - No Cardio - No Calorie Counting

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Our Pricing Structure 

We Often Get Asked: How Much Does It Cost?

Our mission is to make The Non-Diet Life the last programme you will ever need. Not another 12-week generic diet plan that throws your life upside down.

To get you those results, we build the programme around you and your unique lifestyle. With the level of support, and for the length of time you need to get lasting results.

On our consultation call we'll discuss your goals are, where you are struggling, and how to get you out of it for good. That way we can create a solution that is uniquely tailored to you so you never have to struggle again.

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